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Title: Recruiting 4 NV
Post by: JewishMonk on January 16, 2008, 04:14:01 PM
Hey was up everyone..... I haven't heard from anyone in TnT on the official Halo scene.
I am proposing a new legit Halo 3 Clan in Trinidad. We will play other games as well but mainly GO BIG OR GO HOME IN HALO.
The Clan I am proposing is [NV] Nine Volt. I am looking for members who are in Trinidad and Tobago at the moment, so that we can do sweat competitions (friendly or otherwise) and also General GATT personnel. I really want this clan to go official in TnT so lets see whats up.

Depending on the response to this post. I will draft up some rules and constitutional laws for the [NV]. And depending on how big we are I've already got some people who have shared thoughts that they may be willing to fund / sponsor a legit gaming team in Trinidad.

The  [NV] would be looking for players who could teach each other a thing or two. And players who can play off of each other and be completely positive.
We will also be taking the best  5 of our players in respective games and forming official game squads for competition.

Well lets hope you all reply to me on this one. Tell me what you think and tell me if your interested.
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- JewishMonk
Title: Re: Recruiting 4 NV
Post by: JewishMonk on January 19, 2008, 09:36:57 AM
OK no one is takin this seriously so nvm....... :protest: :protest: :protest: :protest: :protest:
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