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Title: Flow Presents The CariGamers Regional (Dota2)
Post by: TriniXaeno on January 20, 2017, 09:17:33 PM
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Flow Presents The CariGamers Regional (DotA2)

Date: Sunday
Time: 4PM EST - 8PM EST

How to Play

1) Sign up at ( to become a member. (Click here) (
2) Sign up on ( and activate Dota on your profile. (Click here) (
3) Join the carigamers channel in DotA 2 (To gain access to the event page)
4) Check-In on the event page on ( at 4PM on Sunday  (The link will be posted at 4PM)

First come, first play, so please Check in as fast as possible

Division 1 starts at 4:30 PM
Division 2 starts at 5:00 PM

Here is a guide for joining the channel:


What you will need:

Dota 2 (FREE) - To play the game


Division 1 - Team Average of 4K MMR and below (Amateur - Rank 4 and under on
Division 2 - Team Average of 4K MMR and above (Pro)
(If any single team member is above 4500 MMR, the team must compete in the Division 2 event)
Be civil and display good sportsmanship
No All Chat (Only Captains and Vice Captains are allowed to communicate critical issues, any other all chat will count as a loss)
Team Members must have their solo and team mmr on display for the duration of the tournament.

Game Format and Procedures

Game Mode: Captainís Mode (CM)
Fixed Teams (5 Stacks) compete in a single elimination bracket, BO1
Tournament Prize Pool of US$100

1st: $50.00
2nd: $25.00
3rd: $10.00
4th: $10.00

$5 Tip to the streamer that makes it the furthest in the event

1v1 Format

Bo1 single elimination with Shadow Fiend mid solo (Bo3 Grand Final)
Kill enemy hero once or destroy one tower to win!

Date: Sunday June 11th 2017
Time: 4PM EST - 8PM EST
(Checkin @ 4PM, First Game at 4:30PM)


Shadow Fiend Mid solo for the 1st game
Loser in the 1st game chooses another hero for both players in the 2nd game
Loser in the 2nd game choose another hero for both of players in the last game

Note: The following items and actions are not allowed

Blocking the creeps or changing their direction (e.g. Fissure).
Soul Ring
Infused Raindrop
Activating a Shrine
Couriers are automatically deployed.


1st: US$50 Steam Code
2nd: US$20 Steam Code
3rd: US$10 Steam Code
4th: US$10 Steam Code

Website Link:,29376.0.html

For more details see our FAQ (,29376.msg315695.html#msg315695) below.

Title: Re: The Regional (Pending Review)
Post by: TriniXaeno on January 20, 2017, 09:18:40 PM
The CariGamers Regional Champions

Season 1

Week 1: Hope We Win
Week 2: Throw Doto
Week 3: Hope We Win
Week 4: Division 1 Charlie's Angels
Week 4: Division 2 Team 4E
Week 5: Division 1 Charlie's Angels
Week 5: Division 2 Myrmidons
Week 6: Division 1 5 Guys
Week 6: Division 2 Myrmidons
Week 7: Division 1 Throw Doto
Week 7: Division 2 Myrmidons
Week 8: Division 1 5 Guys
Week 8: Division 2 Heartree
Title: Re: The Regional (Pending Review)
Post by: TriniXaeno on January 20, 2017, 09:26:03 PM

Q: Are there prizes at The Regional?
A: Yes, US$100 is up for grabs in a tournament format. 1st = US$50.00, 2nd = $25.00, 3rd = $10.00, 4th = $10 and a $5 tip for the streamer that progresses the furthest in the event.

Q: How are the prizes distributed?
A: The prizes are sent as steam wallet codes that are instantly redeemable to purchase games, treasures, battle passes, cosmetics, etc..

Q: Can the prize money be sent via paypal instead?
A: Yes, note that PayPal can take 30 days before the funds becomes accessible.

Q: I want to make a team for the tournament, how many players am I allowed.
A: Theres is no limit to the number of players on your team however, only 5 can be submitted at the start of the tournament on Sunday. Those 5 must play throughout the event on that day.

Q: My team is ready to play but we are short a member?
A: An Admin will make a best effort to find you a substitute player.

Q: We made it to the finals but now one of our team members has to leave. What can we do?
A: Unfortunately, once the tournament has started, you must have your team members to continue. Failure to do so counts as a loss.

Q: Will The Regional be running throughout the entire year?
A: The Regional will go on break for the month of every Major and The International.

Q: I am not sure how to calculate my team's MMR, can you help?
A: Yes, Echo League admins created a useful calculator to do exactly that:
Teams Classed as A go to the Division 2 event while teams classed as B and C can enter Division 1.
Title: How to be a cyber misdemeanour
Post by: KatieBoync on February 25, 2020, 06:59:58 AM
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