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Title: CariGamers MVP Giveaway 2017
Post by: TriniXaeno on July 23, 2017, 01:49:42 PM
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We are doing it again!

Members can take home awesome prizes every week courtesy our partners.

9 Prizes to be won, see them below:

Week 9 ) Pizza Party featuring Room Scale Virtual Reality experience for you and 7 friends. 1 Month Max 60 Internet From Flow Courtesy Papa John's, CariGamers and Flow

Week 8 ) Playstation 4. Courtesy Gaming Emporium. 1 Month Max 60 Internet from Flow.

Week 7 ) US$200 Amazon Gift Card courtesy Trinebox. 1 Month Max 60 Internet from Flow

Week 6 ) Android Tablet Courtesy Courts

Week 5 ) Android Tablet Courtesy Courts

Week 4 ) Tekken 7 (or game of your choice) courtesy Gamez Plus

Week 3 ) US$100 Amazon Gift Card courtesy Trinebox

Week 2 ) US$100 Amazon Gift Card courtesy Trinebox

Week 1 ) US$100 Amazon Gift Card Courtesy Trinebox


Get in the game. Don't miss out on your chance to save money and game fast!

MVP Card Benefits
50% Off Flow Broadband (Save $1200.00 a year)
15% Off Papa Johns Pizza ($18 off a Large Pizza)
10% Off Shipping Trinebox
10% Off Courts

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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Q: I signed up, how long before I get the upgrade/discount?
A: Due to overwhelming demand, it could take up to 5 working days before you are contacted by Flow to confirm the upgrade. If it takes longer, please email and we will work with the "MVP Tech Support" group to push the upgrade through for you.

Q: I forgot my account information can I still access this offer?
A: Click Login and click "forgot password". Then input your email address and you will receive your old username information along with a reset password link.

Q: I am not currently registered as a member can I still access this offer?
A: Simply register now and then follow the instructions .

Q: How long is this offer for?
A: Until 2018. Sooner you sign up, sooner you save. Stay tuned for extensions or future offers

Q: I have a different flow package already. Can I upgrade to this and still receive the discount.
A: Yes you can.

Q:What is the Max speed on this package?
A: 65Mbps
Delivers the speed you need for regular surfing, online video games, VOIP applications, downloading/uploading files and Smart TV applications.
Best suited for 4-5 devices simultaneously depending on usage.

Q:How will I know it worked and is active?
A: Expect a call from Flow to confirm. After this, you can perform the speedtest as directed here to verify the upgrade is complete:,29211.0.html

Q: This offer sounds great but as a gamer I am very picky about my internet needs and i have connection issues that need solving. Can you help with this?
A: The MVP Tech Support group is specifically equipped to deal with internet related gaming issues and will provide you with all the help you need. email to reach them

Q: Is this the only package I can receive a discount on?
A: Yes, this is the awesome deal we have going with FLOW currently. You do get other benefits from Trinebox, Papa John's, Courts and more.

Q: This deal is great, you guys are awesome. I want to link up!
A: Boom, find us at the following cyber watering holes.


Q: Would I be locked into a two year contract with this deal?
A: No, you are free to change to another package or cancel altogether at your discretion

Q: What happens if I fall on hard times and can't pay my bill?
A: If you are disconnected for non payment, you will lose this amazing offer. So if you can only pay one bill at month end, let it be Flow!
Title: Re: CariGamers MVP Giveaway 2017
Post by: icenlord on December 27, 2017, 09:02:57 AM
Does this offer end on Dec 31st 2017 or Dec 31st 2018??
Title: Re: CariGamers MVP Giveaway 2017
Post by: TriniXaeno on December 31, 2017, 08:00:13 AM
icenlord, for MVP Members it goes on into 2018

Q: How long is this offer for?
A: Until 2018. Sooner you sign up, sooner you save. Stay tuned for extensions or future offers

You can sign up for our MVP membership here:
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