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« on: October 11, 2005, 08:45:52 PM »

To all GATT members

I am now taking orders for those interested in purchasing GATT Polo T-shirts

Our supplier is York Garments Ltd

Polo jerseys with GATT Logo will priced at $60.00 (price may change) from sizes small - XXL
Larger sizes there would be $5.00 extra added to every X (e.g. 3XL - $65.00, 4XL $70.00....etc.)

If you are seriously intersted in the shirts throw a reply to this post.

Leave your name, any valid form of contact,  amount that you want to order and also before I forget we are not printing Callsigns/Gamenames, we are only printing "GATT" logos.

However if you want callsigns or logos and other stuff printed on the shirts you can check:

Upstairs Bradford City Mall
or call
Deryck Mohammed

Elizabeth Mohammed


Ravers Espermaria Plaza
$30.00 and up

okay bye!!!

The Archive / Represent
« on: September 26, 2005, 08:24:30 PM »
There is the real scene. November 13th-15th at the Jean Pierre Stadium there is the big Gaming Convention and Trade Show.

GATT would be showed off in a big way.

This ia a ralley for all GATT members to come out in their numbers. Spread the news. This would be the baddest sweat ever to be showcased in Trinidad. COME OUT and REPRESENT!!!

THIS would also be the best opportunity to get the ball rolling on our Offical GATT T-shirts.. SO lets get organised.

If it is possible all those that are serious about  gettin this done and soon let us come together. ( And please don't leave me hanging). It could be done. But we need to sort out exactly how we going about this.

Sources have told me that this project has been attempted before but eventually men become disenchanted. Man power is lost and momentum slows down. Thus things were either never accomplished or due to the lack of enthusiasm, it never caught on to the other members.

This is not the place for keeping secrets. If we're doing this do it in a big way.... adversitise!!

(A point was made that the T-shirts for the right price could be sold at the convention at the latest GATT members and those interested.)


The Archive / A CALLING
« on: September 25, 2005, 08:50:31 PM »
Looking towards a new horizon GATT has been around for a numbers of years and many of have us look forward for it's success in the many years to come. Thus as a fellow member. I for one would like to see it move beyond from what it is to what it could be

To those that have become loyal members of GATT and advent gamers have grown to appreciate the fortitude of a good sweat and those that also share in the presents one like himself.

Many would like to see the GATT mobalize... go through a stage of evolution and one day become a household name...But this can not be done alone.

I have heard and seen the many suggestions of of my fellow gamers and now is the time to make words a reality.

Don't depend on someone else. If there is something that needs to be done to the benefit of all members make it happen

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