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Trading Grounds / selling my PS2 and Gamecube
« on: October 11, 2007, 11:33:20 PM »
Console: Gamecube
Condition: good (pic will be up a little later, has to gets a camera)
problems: none
comes with: 1 controller, 1 memory card
-Prince of persia 2- the warrior within
-super smash brothers:melee
-freeloader (gamecube only)
-naruto: gekitou ninja taisen 4

selling price: $1200 tt (negotiable)

Console: Playstation 2
Condition: not so good (pic up soon hopefully), not modified
problems: games sometimes sticks at loading screens (may be due to dust)
comes with: 2 non-sony controls (one of with is a saitek controller), 1 memory card
-Gran turismo 4
-Tekken 5
-Metal Gear solid 2: sons of liberty
-Orphen: scion of sorcery
-Victorious Boxers
-Final Fantasy x-2
-Outlaw golf 2
-Baldur's gate: dark alliance
-Soul Calibur 3
-Final Fantasy X
-Rumble Roses
(ALL ORIGINAL and working)

selling price: $1800 tt (Negotiable)

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