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Game Theory / What should I develop next?
« on: March 10, 2016, 04:50:41 PM »
I've started learning game development last December and since then I've released 2 games on Android.

I'm thinking about releasing a PC / Console game next.
I've already got may projects set up and just trying to figure out, which one to work on next.

So I wanted to find out, what type of game developed locally, would you support / get behind?

Game Theory / My Second Game: "That One Idiot"
« on: March 10, 2016, 04:48:16 PM »
SO, i've finally released my second game.
I'm starting to get the hang of game development now.

You're that one idiot who overtakes everyone in traffic. Overtake more cars, get a higher score.
Collect coins and purchase new cars, with new game modes.

Check it out:

Let me know what you guys think.

Game Theory / My first game: Tracky Marble
« on: February 01, 2016, 04:12:45 PM »
I haven't been around for a long time (Work, and life in general).
But a lot has changed which forced me to change things up a bit.

Long story short, my family's house burnt down (where I lived) roughly 7-8 months ago and since then I've been living by myself.
The hardest part? .......No internet

2 months ago, I decided to start learning game development, something i've always intended to do but just never got the time to focus on it.
I picked up the well knokwn development environment "Unity", and downloaded some tutorials while at work, and studied them at night at home.

Through all of that, today I've released the game I've been working on, on the Google Play market.
It's called "Tracky Marble":

You get 3 random tracks at a time and you try to build a track to run your marble on without falling off or hitting obstacles.
The point of the game is to just get a high score.

Check it out, let me know what you guys think.

PS: I'm already starting work on another game (Aiming to release in 1 month). It has Trini culture written all over it.

Trading Grounds / EVGA GTX 580 SC for sale
« on: June 03, 2013, 11:03:02 AM »
I'm selling one of my EVGA GTX 580 (1.5GB) Superclocked cards.

I've had it for approximately one year. It was used in an SLI configuration and is in very good condition. Never had any issues. Used in a very well cooled case in an Air Conditioned room.

It is registered with EVGA for life time warranty, and I am willing to assist in any warranty issues should you need it in the future.

Selling for $2000.

Will be selling the other card in the near future as well, in case anyone is interested in 2 cards.

Here is a link to the card for further details:

Media / Linkin Park Lost in the Echo remix
« on: October 15, 2012, 11:10:36 PM »
Just thought i'd post a remix i made recently for the linkin park lost in the echo remix competition.

Feel free to vote for me if u like it (maybe LP will hear it)

I'm currently looking for a 3.5 Inch to 2.5 Inch HDD bay converter in trinidad.
Anyone know where I can get one?

Trading Grounds / LF: used PS2
« on: December 23, 2011, 01:52:33 PM »
I'm looking for a used PS2, preferably modified.

Anyone selling?

hey all, as some of you already know, my team and I will be representing Trinidad and the Caribbean region in the Microsoft Imagine Cup competition (software development).
For more about the imagine cup go to

But more importantly
The Imagine Cup People's choice award voting has started!!!

Please take the time to vote for our team (first time trinidad or the southern caribbean is ever being represented in this type of competition).

go to:

and vote, its very simple.
And spread the word around, please :)

Additionally you  can follow us on facebook at

Trading Grounds / EVGA GTX 470 SC for sale
« on: November 14, 2010, 07:50:51 PM »
EVGA GTX 470 SC for sale.
Got it Sept. 2010, used as second SLI card (read; not used much).
In pretty much brand new condition, never OCed etc.

Asking $1700 for it. Already signed up for Lifetime warranty etc. with EVGA, any warranty will have to go through me, but I have no problem helping out.

Media / Linkin Park new album + competition
« on: July 10, 2010, 07:10:47 PM »
No puzzles or hidden messages with this one. We’re excited to finally announce that our new album, A THOUSAND SUNS, will be released on September 14th.

The lead single for the album is called “The Catalyst.” It will be released on August 2nd.

Beginning tomorrow, July 9th, we’re teaming up with MySpace for “Linkin Park, Featuring You,” a contest which gives you the one-of-a-kind opportunity to be on our new album. We'll be giving you some audio from “The Catalyst,” and you get to take it from there; you can remix the parts, write something over them, or mute stuff and write something totally new. We may choose a remix of the song, and put it on the album…or, we may choose an amazing keyboardist, string quartet, guitarist, percussion group, or other musician, and invite them into the studio to play on one of our songs. No matter what instrument you play, you can win. We're open to anything good. All we ask is that you include any audible portion of any one of our stems in your submission.

Once you submit, the community (that's you) will vote, and the most popular stuff will rise to the top. Then, my bandmates and I will comb through the submissions, choose one winner, and they will be included on our album, A THOUSAND SUNS. Check out for contest details.

So, i already started work on my remix
(although i don't really like the song much)
Anyone else interested in this?

Media / My Techno Album
« on: May 23, 2010, 11:47:08 AM »
Hey all, I've been working on a techno / electronic music album a long time ago and i've finally gotten the time to put more effort into it.
Since i'm doing all of the work, i had envisioned using people's impressions of the work in progress songs to help produce them.

SO, currently i have a few of said songs uploaded, and if you all think i should continue by putting all the WIP songs up for you all to judge, i will.

Here is the current set of songs i have uploaded on
Here is a link to just the player with the songs

    * Trans0 Intro Vent
    * Trans1 vent
    * Trans3 vent
    * Trans4 vent (My favorite song so far)
    * Trans7 vent
    * Trans8 vent
    * NES Pop (updated version to be uploaded soon)
    * Piano2 (Demo) (will upload updated version soon)

(note: when you click play on a song, the player is at the top right on the navigation bar)

I have alot more songs in progress rite now. These are only the ones i have uploaded thus far.
If the response to this project is favorable, i will create a separate location with only the songs in question.

What i am asking of you all, is to listen to them and give some feedback on what you liked, and what you disliked, and i will take them into consideration as i finish creating the songs.

I'm looking forward to all the feedback  :happy3:

Trading Grounds / LF/WTB: Wii VGA Cable
« on: May 10, 2010, 10:08:25 PM »
Hey, Anyone know where i can get a VGA cable for the Wii locally?
I want to use imy Wii on my LCDs VGA port.

PC Gaming / your Games folder
« on: April 19, 2009, 09:18:31 PM »
Eatin dinner... being idle.

I have a games folder (that i'm particularly proud of), and i wonder if you can tell things about a person by the games they play. So here's my games folder.

Alot of the games i had have been finished and removed, as well as some to be installed, i just being lazy...

I had XP installed at first, until i decided to dual boot with vista.
I created a second partition and made it primary, installed vista.
However when vista ran for the first time it shut down for itself, and would not allow me to boot into anything after that.
I reinstalled the vista again.... i was able to select and boot to XP, but the vista still gives the same issue...

Does anyone know how to properly dual boot vista with XP previously installed?

All the online tutorials i looked at says to do exactly what i already did...

I was recently invited to and attended the pre-launch of the Microsoft's Software Architect Council for the west indies. Basically, they (as well as other IT experts) think that the IT industry is lacking in Trinidad as compared to Jamaica, Barbados etc.

The purpose (as i gathered) of the Council is to offer support to developers and the entire chain of IT solution providers in terms of planning, implementing, development, training etc. etc.

They are therefore trying to build the community from scratch, and i would like to extend the invitation to anyone in TG who has the interest.

Mind you, this is not Microsoft Exclusive, and the Training and special interest groups can be of any product and nature, for example Oracle, IBM solutions, etc. (per request)

Now more than ever, we are at a standpoint to get the IT community united and working together in Trinidad. The community is therefore a resource for knowledge as we would have the know how from all of Microsoft's offerings, as well as the experienced veterans of the local industry.

Executive Summary

The term software Architect or its function is not widely known within our region. As such the role exists within the organizations but is hidden amongst many other functions. We will like to highlight its importance and benefits to our society and IT ecosystem in order to enhance their functions as software architects to their organizations. We can rapidly increase the value brought to our IT arenas and see expansion and a growth in innovation once this role is correctly addressed. MS-SAC will be providing a facility to allow Software Architects to grow across the region. MS-SAC will lift the potential and confidence for our institutions to provide a higher level of service for their organizations and comfort in the fact that there is a need and drive for this by the wider community. Let's together, bring the key learning from across the globe to our region through this community and help keep abreast with the rapid changing landscape of our IT infrastructure.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who is interested in exploring the world of 'Software Architects' and influencing our local and regional ecosystem are invited, it is open to all interested!

if your organization or role is impacted by any of the following, you will have a lot to gain:

-Organizations run on limited resources (people/time and expenditure)

-The key architects of the infrastructures are struggling to achieve healthy operations within their institutions (fire fighting mode).

-Demand for financial accountability

-Gap between academic institutions and industry needs

-Lack of drive and passion for innovation and execution of this.

-No infrastructure in place for networking between architect professionals.

-Architects are frequently wearing many hats such as PM, SA, TM etc.

What Are the advantages of Joining this Community?

-Allow for the exchange of ideas and sharing of experiences.

-Ignite the drive for innovation using the best infrastructure.

-Demand for financial accountability.

-Allow for the networking of professionals to leverage of each other's strengths.

-Enable a faster deployment of projects and initiatives through an expanded resource (team collaboration).

-Allow voices to be heard across interest groups.

-Create throughout the community the foundation for professional mentoring and the student bodies.

-Create a healthy networking between the service providers, the enthusiasts and the professional communities.

Things are in the begining stages, so as i get more info, or as things develop further, i will update this thread. The council has not been formed as yet, and this is an opportunity to be part of this elite group (imo).

For More info, or if u want in, just PM me, and we could organise something.

I am about to embark on learning Sliverlight (.net, WPF, and XAML included). I just wanted to know if anybody in TG has any experience with any part of Silverlight, and would be willing to shed any advise on the subject...

For those unfamiliar with the whole Silverlight advent, check out i'm sure it'll get ur juices flowing (got mine to).

Storage / Need help deciding on new HD
« on: September 09, 2008, 01:54:47 PM »
 recently decided to move on to a new HD from my 120Gig Baracuda which has been with me for 4 years and going...

However upon looking to source a decent HD localy, i find it very hard.
Firstly i stumbled upon this Seagate from

problem is that i'm finding some pretty bad reviews about it on newegg especially (people stating that they die quickly).

So i decided, why not get a Baracuda again, cus dat seems to work fine.

So i found this Baracuda on newegg, but, again... more bad reviews.

so my question is, does anyone have any experience with any of these HDs

or can anyone suggest a better alternative?

I lookin for prefereably a 500 Gig, SataII (with 32MB cache??)

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