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As bro above said:

1) Skyrim
2) Portal 2
3) Uncharted 3 (doh mind we eh play it yet)

My nominees:

Gran Turismo 5
Red Dead Redemption
Heavy Rain

Sony PlayStation / Re: !EVERYTHING! PS3
« on: December 27, 2009, 12:50:50 AM »
so am i loaded up killzone 2 in online multiplayer...

its  :awesome:

anyone still playin it? i know im late to the party.

I still do and will always be once the servers are up. I just don't have as much time now as I had before I started to work in Galactica in Gulf City, but I still get in some games when I have a chance. Like I did on Christmas Day. I got in about 5 full normal warzone games. Das bout 2 1/2 hrs. Considerin my bro did almost finish Uncharted 2 from de middle of it dat day, I get plenty time. Well I guess I is probably de only trini who does play KZ2 nonstop when I have time to burn (too bad I don't have much time right now  :crybaby2:). Right now I just tryin to get my K/D ratio to 1, lol. But that go be easy for me now. I was like 0.75 bout 2 months ago. I'll never stop playin it cuz it jus too damn addictive, trinis or no trinis.

the purpose for the nominations is to get the nominated games in the poll. If they already in the poll, no need to nominate, you can vote for your game.
You can state that you LIKE the games or love them or watever, but the nomination part is to get it up on the poll.

Shucks, sorry dey fellas. Didn't realise that ah cya nominate games already on de poll. Was just nominating my best. Ah go do over de las two if dat ok wit you guys. Here they are:

Resident Evil 5 (ah surprise i eh see dis on here yet)
Flower (Yes Flower. Not GotY material but noteworthy in my 2009 best games)

Btw, nominations have to be disc-based games or DLC could qualify? If not then replace Flower with...uumm.. Tekken 6. (my last resort cuz it has release problems. They fix most of  de lag tho. Don't have it yet cuz of the other issues. Also, in the poll, "Killzone" is one word not two.) Thx. :happy0203:

Killzone 2
Street Fighter IV
Uncharted 2

KZ2 already nominated by Apprentice so it shud go up dey right? ...but I doubt it will win. It's the only FPS I play (MP Online, yeah.. duh) and I think will ever play.. maybe until KZ3 come out. One of the reasons that KZ2 worked for me is not the addictive gameplay but the fact that I could play the game for hours and not get the slightest feeling of the motion sickness I get with other FPSs, the same goes for my bro "Seiryuki". No offence to all CoD and other FPS gamers but, to me, CoD + any FPS I've played before and after KZ2 = meh.

Anyhoos, I gonna vote for Uncharted 2.. (maybe if more ppl vote for KZ2 I might change it later) .. even though we eh buy it yet! lol. Cuz I feel dat might win, if not DE GotY, de PS3 GotY. Laterz.

Sony PlayStation / Re: Regular Playstation 3 Sweatage
« on: August 30, 2009, 07:47:41 PM »
i think i'll be taking the dive into the console world soon, and i'll start with a ps3. i will keep tuned to this thread to see how the community here is and what games y'all play now and again. I'm a bit afraid to go with the 360 now just because of the failure but i'm monitoring that also. Expect me xmas time hopefully. :)

Well if/when you come aboard, me and my bro always up for some Tekken 5: DR, SFIV, LittleBigPlanet, Metal Gear Online, and MotorStorm PR. I'm always up for some Killzone 2 cuz bro doh play (well he does but almost all the time it's me  :lol:).

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