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Can you check the status of my account Nigel C. Williams (islandjammers). I have been with GATT for many many years but signed up for MVP in 2016 I think. Please advise me what I need to do to upgrade my account.

Awaiting your reply,

Hey IslandJammers

1) Yes, there is a new promo available to our MVP members which continues into 2018. You can sign up for that here:

2) Yes, it applies only to MVP members

3) Yes, you would need the MVP card to get the new promo and the additional benefits.

4) Yes we have configurations we can offer you with the MVP. Including Cable and Telephone. If you need to cancel one plan and upgrade to another, our MVP Tech Support team can organize the change.

A quick breakdown can be seen here:

MAX 100 GATT Deal 50% OFF   
Internet 100MB   $196.00
Max 100 GATT Deal & Essential 94   
TV Essential 94 Channels   $176.00
Internet 100MB    $196.00
Phone Basic   $14.50
Total   $386.50

Greetings Members,

Still not clear on the existing FlowMAX 50% off which started a few years ago for GATT members. That promo suppose to expire end 2017.
1. Has the promo been extended from end of 2017 to end 2018?
2. Does the new promos offered by flow only applies to MVP subscribers?
3. If the existing promo which would have ended in 2017 to GATT members do they have to buy a MVP card to continue to enjoy the 50% off FLOWMAX for 2018?.
4. if the user wishes to cancel the service with flow or upgrade to a Cable/Tel/Internet package what benefits are available to GATT members?

awaiting your reply,

Neo (Island Jammers)

Can someone say if there are any more offers from FLOW for 2017 GATT members like the special we enjoyed for the past two years 50% off Flow MAX? It suppose to end this month Dec 2017. Can someone tell us what is the new deal if any deal at all for same speed or more so we can make the switch?

Neo (Island Jammers)

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