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My Steam

Looking for players from Trinidad

I sent the email to request this upgrade but will it solve the lag issues? When I play Diablo the latency bar is often orange and sometimes goes red and in rare cases the connection drops, and this is on a 30Mb Flow connection. Currently the only way I can game lag free is when I switch to my 1Mbps Blink which is sad really. This is the only reason I didn't cut off my Blink service, even though the Flow ping is less it's useless because every game lags when I use my Flow connection. Obviously the bandwidth is not an issue if gaming works just fine on a 1Mbps Blink but it would really be great to not have to switch LAN cables all the time or have to pay for two Internet connections.


Can you help out this individual? this leet pirate is a long time friend of mine he has had disconnect issues with flow for over 2 years just like me his  pings are horrible he complained to flow a trillion times and nothing happened it was so bad that he was recently diagnosed with hypertension by his doctor which was linked to Flow.

All I can say Admin is upgrading to this 60mb has somehow magically solved my disconnects and lag and every issue, this 60mb is a gamers dream. This is the only reason I will be sticking with flow and not switching to Digicel.

Can you get my friend this upgrade? he has a medical condition and this morning his blood pressure was very high because of the issues he has been having with Flow. His doctor even advised him to disconnect his Flow.
If you can upgrade his service as soon as possible it would be greatly appreciated.

Last year December he was in the hospital due to this issue, I am only asking this because of severe medical problems he encounters with uncontrolled hypertension. If you can have it done by today would be very much welcomed sir.

wow I get through it working bess!!!

What happens now if our Flow bill comes and it says $391? with no 50% discount applied?

Who would we go to to fix something like this?

Well I went ahead and signed up for this deal anyways.

How soon can I expect my speeds to go up to 60MB?

I am on the 3MB package.

Just to confirm this is NOT contract based? because I am only doing this if it is NOT contract based.

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