Author Topic: The Thunderdome @ Alias 2017: Can you survive the Wasteland?  (Read 760 times)

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Venue: Centre Of Excellence

Map location:

VR Experience:

Experience Arizona Sunshine. Become immersed in post-apocalyptic southwestern America overrun by zombies. Your hope fades as you begin to think maybe i am the last human maybe we go extinct today! But a beautiful sound comes across the radio just a flash of human voice. With scarce ammo and consumables you need to navigate the hordes of zombies coming for your brain in your desperate search for human contact.

Real-life weapon handling: 25+ weapons with real-life movements. Anticipate attacks, manage ammo and aim down the sights to blast your enemies to undead pieces.
Immersive zombie survival: Scavenge the environment, loot undead enemies and manage your ammo and consumables in a battle for survival
Unprecedented realism

Survive the Brookhaven. An experiment has torn a hole through time itself something menacing appeared, you are one of the remnants of humanity. Try to survive today and live to see tomorrow.

Realistic Pistol Aiming/Firing
Weapon/Item Upgrade Selection System
Survival Economy
Monster/Player Interaction
Situational Horror
Occasional Pants Wetting

VR Experience Rate: $40.00 ($20.00 for MVP)

Also available: Just Dance for $20.00 ($10.00 for MVP)

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