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CariGamers is an events and promotions company with the largest social gaming network in the Caribbean. Totalling over 16 years experience in the eSport arena, it seeks to develop electronic entertainment on the twin island of Trinidad & Tobago and by extension, the Caribbean. This is achieved by leveraging the latest technology, broadband internet, influential IT professionals, writers, game developers, artists, animators, musicians, leaders and more.

eSports is huge and burgeoning, generating over US$70 billion dollars worldwide (more than Hollywood) and backed by strong international brands. Tournaments offer prize pools surpassing that of many traditional sports and the winners become instant millionaires.

We pride ourselves as industry leaders in the region and have worked at providing facilities for the gaming public to participate in eSport and other related activities through partnerships with Microsoft, Unicomer Ltd (Courts), Flow, Niherst, MovieTowne, Bmobile and many others. Some of the events can be seen below, including charitable ones for Kids with Cancer and orphanages in the country.

Our website boasts six thousand plus members and over twenty eight million views.  83% of those are from the Caribbean with an interest in pop culture and gaming. We also produce and stream content to the youtube and twitch video platforms.

The Hero Project is an inspirational and education based tour resulting in game design and eSport related competitions. We will encourage the youth to maintain a healthy lifestyle, pursue careers in the industry and participate in eSports. We already have a community of thousands of gamers from all age groups, classes and Caribbean countries. We plan to extend this to channel the creativity of the next generation where they will share ideas, writing, music, art and more to form a productive community that leads to education and entrepreneurship in the game based IT sector.

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