WiCommerce WordPress Integration


WiCommerce Wordpress Integration



Being an entrepreneur in the Caribbean is hard work.

You deserve access to an easy and affordable service that takes care of payments and logistics
and could help you find new customers at the same time

WiCommerce is a fulfillment platform with logistics and ecommerce solutions for the Caribbean based on world class technology that works for you behind the scenes, so you are free to focus on growing your business locally and globally.

Customers can pay with cash online to address the entire market
Connects with your local bank account (FCB, RBC, RBL, Scotia and more).
Funds can be transferred in 2-3 days instead of 30 days or more
Process Credit Cards (facilitated through First Atlantic Gateway)
Pick up, Pack and Deliver your Products (Save you time and money)
Excellent Customer Service provided to your customers on delivery
Handling of returns (even RMA to overseas)
Handling of Hazmat (Perfumes and other hazardous materials)
$99 a month for logistics (includes three free deliveries)
$30 Flat rate shipping (domestic deliveries)
Export Capability

With over 30 years in export and import – we take care of logistics, tracking & picking up at your location.

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