WiCommerce will digitize, modernize and simplify your fulfillment process, making it easy to collect payments and deliver your products to the domestic market and overseas. This ecommerce platform is both affordable and accessible, allowing entrepreneurs of all sizes to process credit card and cash transactions online. Focus on growing your business without concerns over payment processing, pick up, warehousing, packing and shipping.

The platform is a turnkey solution that works with your existing local bank accounts and remits payments within forty eight (48) hours. For more advanced applications, it can be integrated into proprietary systems to function as a 3PL (Third Party Logistics provider) and offer the same hassle-free management of fast product shipping and payment benefits.

Designed to address the whole market, WiCommerce accepts credit card and cash transactions as well as exporting to Caribbean countries and the Americas, allowing the business to scale swiftly and maximize foreign exchange earnings potential.

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