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Title: Chakra and you!
Post by: New Era Outlaw on March 14, 2007, 08:51:39 PM
So, some of you may have noticed, that right under your Username, you would see the word: "Chakra", followed by a number. And, a good lot of you may be wondering: "Well, what is this Chakra thing about, anyway?"

Well, simply put, Chakra is sort of like a ranking system. The number next to it indicates how much 'Chakra' you currently have. By default, all new guys start out with zero Chakra. Other users (besides yourself) can then add (Mold) or take away (Drain) Chakra as they see fit. Why they do so is anyone's guess....although, usually, when somebody gives you Chakra, it's because they liked something you did, and they approve, and likewise, you do something that people dislike (or because people catch a vaps off of being wicked), and they might take away Chakra.

Unfortunately, there are currently no rewards for having Chakra, either positive or negative.
That's basically all there is to it.

Oh, one more thing.


We've had so many in the past, it was getting out of hand.
Now that this thread exists, there is no more reason to ask about it.
That is all.


If you don't like the direction your Chakra's heading, please, please, PLEASE. Don't go making threads about it, especially not the kind that BEGS FOR CHAKRA. Not only is that pathetic, but it's blatantly annoying, to boot. I don't really care if it's minus one billion, don't suffer any real disadvantages having your Chakra knocked down, anyway. You can still visit the forums, post and do everything you could possibly do way back when you were new, so why nag about this ANYWAY?
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