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Clan Announcements and Challenges / FIA challenges Fantasy V for COD
« on: November 13, 2006, 11:46:14 PM » i real tired of ppl "tryin" to organise tourney and ting liek yeh which part...ize a man wna play some game like fantasy...yall came down java and get cut ass...ready for it again? yes i rating up...get vex and come seek revenge blah blah blah.   i jus wna me...we'll organise if it havea prize and what not.  4v4? wat u tink

Pavlov (snipers only)
(map of fantasy V choice)

so far...the team would be


if yall wna take it up to 5v5 daz no scn.  lewe go...reply fass eh...hadda ressurect this shizzle

the challenge goes out to evryone else too...only if u serius...cah put up with all the "when and where" replies...and den no action...u wna ur side...and we'll sort out GL...if ur ppl doh show up...daz ur hard luck...we playin still and the prize or wateva will be fought for.

Fantasy V!!!! yuh hear meh!

peace out

Anime 101 / Tribal
« on: October 22, 2004, 10:40:08 PM »
just want to see if u all interested like me in drawing tattoos and concept art. reason i said tribal was because its soo different and neat but diffficult requiring real patience                    

« on: December 19, 2003, 11:23:46 PM »
today is the 1 year anniversary for the desert combat mod for battlefield 1942?yup...and they received mod of the year from gamespy.jus a lil information.and a new desert combat .6 is coming out with one hell of a carrier.the thing has so many dam planes im sure it will be a challenge to even take off.

on board are 17 f-14 tomacats :shock:
                    6 harriers :D
                    2 f-16's :)
                    2 mh-53 helicopters :-P

and a number of other helicopters i count 10.look foward to this release.                    

Media / Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter?
« on: December 09, 2003, 10:53:10 PM »
there were both movies on these games.what movie do u think was better?                    

« on: December 08, 2003, 10:13:47 PM »
yeah wel..jus buss man files and girls..chronos leave d thread alone..yeah....this jus for those hoo have real dirt and have tto share it or for those who real like yeh START D BUSSIN!!!                    

Ole Talk / Do all GATTers listen to rock?
« on: September 30, 2003, 10:24:00 PM »
i was jus dere for piece a d sweat na an i hear evanescence an ting so i jus wonderin...jus a lil thingy i was ponderin bout an ting b4 i go to sleep.                    

Reviews, Previews & First Looks / Battlefield Vietnam/Desert Combat 4.0
« on: September 27, 2003, 09:04:15 PM »
both of these look very promising.the 4.0 is available online tso to the it an tingCUZ LIKE THERE ARE NEW MAPS AND VEHICLES. :-)  :shock:  :-P  8)                    

Software, Security, Programming and Internet / Desert Combat
« on: September 21, 2003, 03:58:13 PM »
i didnt know where to put this so here i am. does anyone know where its possible to get the mod for battlefield 1942 (desert combat) from? i desperate for it. help me out please. :?:                    

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