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Meet the voice of Super Mario Charles Martinet
« on: September 14, 2009, 02:21:55 PM »
I'm sure everyone on this forum has heard this voice before :p


MENTION the name Charles Martinet to computer game fans and you'll probably draw a blank but when they hear his voice he is instantly recognisable.

Martinet is the voice actor behind the most famous character in video games - Super Mario.

In Australia on a promotional tour, Martinet has voiced gaming giant Nintendo's quirky plumber for more than 20 years.

Martinet's voice talents can be heard in more than 200 games which include other Nintendo favourites like Luigi, Wario and Toadsworth.

But it was only a chance decision to relectantly attend an audition that would change Martinet's life.

"I crashed the audition, I was at the beach and a friend told me to go along," he said.

"I knocked on the door and they'd already put the camera away and I asked if I can I read for this.

"He looks at his watch and finally said OK, "you're an Italian plumber from Brooklyn."

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"All of a sudden I hear action and the voice I came out with is the voice you hear today."

"I walked out the door and he got on the phone and said `I found our Mario'."

Martinet says fans are always thrilled when they hear his distinctive voice talents.

"It's so funny, I have this great selective fame where I am completely anonymous on the street but if I walk into a store or event - what an honour, what a joy for me to see people who are so in love with Mario.

"They come up to me and say 'thank you - you're the voice of my childhood'.

"Now people say 'I've known you all my life and now I finally get to meet you'."


Meet the voice of Super Mario Charles Martinet
« on: September 14, 2009, 02:21:55 PM »


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