Virtual Reality

There is no mistaking it, this is the era of VR (Virtual Reality)

You have seen them on display at one of the many exhibitions by CariGamers or perhaps a mobile store in the mall. The reaction from anyone trying the curious looking headsets have can be largely summed up in one word: amazing.


When consumers try Virtual Reality they are transferred into a new world- right there, in that moment they experience the sensation of being somewhere else completely. A term the industry calls immersion, whether the deep ocean with poignant whales swimming above or into a zombie apocalypse, VR transports you to the center of the action like never before. This technology is a game changer and gives creators an entire new canvas to express and share their wildest dreams. Many established names have entered the market, offering a range of devices and options. HTC, Samsung, Facebook, Valve, Google, Sony, Intel and more have thrown their hat in the ring at differing costs and differing qualities.


The Vive, our premiere exhibit for 2017, is the future of interactive entertainment and presents the most immersive experience available in the world. It is the flagship of virtual reality technology and allows for unparalleled engagement. Walking around and interacting with cyberspace similar to the Matrix or Star Trek’s holodeck. Wielding swords, guns even lightsabers or if you prefer a more peaceful approach, a nifty 3D paint brush. This is achieved with sensors which can be mounted on walls to track your movements in real time. The Vive’s headset is powered by high end desktop PCs.

On the lower end we also exhibit mobile VR units like the Samsung Gear VR, while not nearly as impressive, they offer a budget friendly option for a virtual reality experience.

Below are a few testimonials from our most recent event:

“Amazing, astounding, feels like I’m in a whole new world” – Dion

“Definitely something to invest in. Fun for the entire family. These immersive video experiences takes the movie experience to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL” – Aneillio

“Insanely Immersive! So much so that I had to pinch myself to be reminded that I wasn’t actually piloting a spacecraft nor was I in a wheelchair moving around a hospital full of zombies” – Akeem

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